Hello! I'm Kate, a recent grad from the University of Washington as an Interaction Designer. I also recently finished up an internship with Velé.

Inspired by honesty and discovery, I strive to be a bridge between people and what they do not understand. During my year-long design internship, being submerged in a startup environment valuing compassion and inclusion taught me that I am adaptable and approach any task that comes my way with strategic and empathetic thinking. I build my peers up, treat others with kindness and love bringing those who might not get along, together. I geek out over experimenting with a variety of mediums, and I am passionate about designing for honest discourse.

Design has allowed me to lose many hours of sleep and gain a plethora of perspectives. From the West Coast, I am a lighthearted soul up for adventure who is thrilled at the opportunity to create.

I love to dance, and I love design! I live in Seattle.