Vida is a system of interfaces that motivates and teaches children environmentally sustainable habits for the home.
Product Design
Motion Design
Team members:
Laura Lopez
Vida is a system of five interfaces that work together to motivate and teach children environmentally sustainable practices. Vida simulates a gaming world that the children are responsible for keeping healthy and thriving. Each time a child positively interacts with a Vida product, they receive resources that can be used within their gaming world. Dependent on their environmentally positive actions, Vida encourages eco-friendly behaviors and starts a dialogue about sustainability.
01. Game Table
Vida World can be accessed through the tabletop interface. Here, the child can play and see areas that need improvement versus those that are thriving.
02. Pod

Vida Pod acts as a central hub that connects the set of interfaces together. The pod is able to sync with each interface and collect data throughout the home.
03. Waste Bins

Vida Bins are a set of compost, recycle and trash bins that track the weight of their contents over time and generate results based on comparisons between the bins. In general the weight of the waste should reflect positive recycling and composting habits with minimal trash output.
04. Nightlight Dock

Vida Dock is used to charge the pod each night. The dock's light generates a brightness level that is based on the child’s electrical usage within their own bedroom. The child is encouraged to turn off lights and unplug electronics when they are not in use.
05. Shower

Vida Shower projects visuals that are intended to build water saving habits. The sea creatures' livelihood depends on the length of the child's shower and the amount of water used.
The child must physically bring Vida Pod around to their other Vida products and back to the game table in order to sync data.
Vida Pod color options
The goal of Vida is to instill sustainable habits at a young age, and to keep these habits in practice. We envisioned Vida as a system that would grow with the child, developing in complexity as the child gets older in order to continue keeping interest with age.

We also wanted to empower children with something that is under their control. We loved designing for kids and trying to pique their curiosity for the world around them.
Project has been edited since production of this video